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Friday, January 25, 2013

Surat daripada Prof. Russell Jones dari England


Dr. Awang bin Sariyan
Ketua Pengarah
Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka

Dear Dr Awang,

Greeting. It is so long since we were in touch, indeed I only remember that when DB had a workshop in Pualau Langkawi in 2002, unfortunately you were away in Europe. I am glad to see you are flourishing. For years I have been living in this remote part of England and getting more and more out of touch with things that matter.

But at the age of 86 I still try. I am focused on watermarks (tera air) in Malay manuscripts. I am assembling a corpus of watermark images to aid the recognition of watermarks, which I hope eventually will be uploaded on a website to be available to all codicologists. I have not yet found an institution in Malaysia (or Indonesia) to host the website.

I am also collecting my scattered articles on Malay manuscripts and their watermarks together for republication in a volume so that they will be more accessible. That is why I am writing this, and I was delighted to see on the website that the Ketua Pengarah is a familiar name. I have known the directors from Syed Nasir onwards. In 1988 I had an article ‘On Malay manuscripts with reference to Aceh’ published in Tenggara vol. 21/22, pp 99-110. I am writing to ask for your consent for me to republish my article from the journal, of course with acknowledgement of details of the original publication.

Sorry I write in English, I guess it will be easier for you to reply in Malay.

Best regards, nice to be in touch,
Russell 25-01-13

Dr Russell Jones
Address: Little Antron, Antron Lane, Mabe,
Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9JD, UK.
Phone: + 44 1326 376 376

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